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"This is easily the most elaborate fund-switching
software we've run across, and it's worth the
time to check it out." Technical Analysis of Stocks and
Commodities - July 1999
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Are you looking for a mechanical trading system? Do you have trouble making
investment trading decisions? Do you have limited time to manage your

Edge Ware software provides:

  • Advanced historical testing ability
  • Sector rotation strategies
  • Precise trading signals - Know exactly which fund or stock to buy or sell
  • Ability to manage your portfolio in five minutes per day
  • Easy-to-use Windows® software

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)01/21/2024 - Check out the 2023 Performance Summary

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)01/21/2024 - Updated Income strategy for download.

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)01/21/2024 - Added ETFStyle strategy for download.

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)01/21/2024 - FastBreak Pro and Standard versions 6.8.4 have been posted to update RSI calculation.


01/16/2023 - Check out the 2022 Performance Summary

04/28/2022 - Added updated RydexHedge strategy for download.

01/23/2022 - Check out the 2021 Performance Summary

01/16/2021 - Check out the 2020 Performance Summary

03/15/2020 - Check out the 2019 Performance Summary

03/15/2020 - FastBreak Pro and Standard versions 6.8.2 have been posted to correct an error in the Alpha Stategy calculation.

05/18/2019 - Building a hedging strategy using FastBreak Pro.

03/03/2019 - Check out the 2018 Performance Summary

03/03/2019 - Added NWstyle2 strategy for download.

07/22/2018 - All upgrades have been updated to allow for more than 40 years of FastTrack data.   Existing versions will no longer work at the end of August 2018.  A ".1" has been added to the version number of each upgrade.  Please download the upgrade that matches your current version.   

04/02/2017 - Please click here for helpful tips on installing and running FastBreak and FastGraph.


Company Profile

Edge Ware, LLC currently sells 3 products. FastBreak Pro is a mutual fund and stock trading system with automated trading parameter optimization using Genetic Algorithms and "walk forward" testing. FastBreak is a fund and stock trading system to test and trade strategies using fund rotation. FastGraph can create a variety of graphs including Point and Figure, Japanese Candlestick, and importantly contour graphs to help determine stable/robust trading parameters for FastBreak and FastWays. Both are add-on products for the FastTrack data base.

FastTrack contains daily data since 9/1/1988 on more than 13,000 stocks and mutual funds. If you are not a FastTrack subscriber you can download their software and database for free and get 30 days of free daily updates. Visit their web site at www.fasttrack.net.

Edge Ware, LLC was founded in 1996 by Ken and Nelson Huck. Ken is an engineer with more than thirty years of experience in technical analysis and computer simulation in the aerospace industry. Nelson is a programmer/analyst with a MBA and 20 years of experience in financial programming.

Download additional information on composite market timing signals as seen in the Winter 1999 issue of the FastTrack Monitor.

Download supplemental material for Rudy Stefenel's FastTrack
Monitor article.
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